Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tarter Slaw Recipe!! **New Recipe** Alert!!

Got a couple recipes up my sleeve and some new Pinterest favorites.
today I will give you guys a quick and easy recipe that I made up last night off the top of my head. I woke up in the morning with a vision of a delicious crispy fish sandwich after I tried Wendy’s Fish about a month ago. I say it’s always cheaper to prepare and make your own food at home. This was better than any McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s Fish sandwich and you can make it at home.
The important part of this recipe is the sauce everything else you can use on your own.
I used Gordon Bear battered fish and Potato Bread buns
Tarter Slaw topping for Fish.
‪#‎Ready‬ Instant recipe.
1 Chopped lettuce
1/4 cup Chopped onion
2-4 dashes of Cayenne pepper (1 tbsp)
2 dash of chili powder (1 tbsp)
1 cup Sweet Relish -> depends on how many sandwiches your making
1.5 cups of mayo
Sprinkle of Salt (1 tsp)
Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and taste it for quality. Lettuce should be fresh and crispy. Spread it on the bottom bun first then put a slice of cheese over the fish while it’s cooling in the oven. Then put it right on top and take a huge bite. I’m telling you it is amazing!!
Add Muster cheese slice, potato bun and fresh fried fish or Gordon’s beer battered Cod.
Thank Me later

Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Make a Graduation Cap Design!! Cheap & easy!!

Making a Graduation cap without breaking your pocket

     Hey Guys!! for those that follow me, you all know that I am graduating this week. Yes I am making a deal out of it!! I graduated from school in 2002, and I am he first one to get any type of Degree out of all of my sisters. I'll be continuing my Bachelors degree in Mass Communications at the University of South Florida-If ya'll care.. lol Then also My Master Degree after that. My Mom and the rest of my family aren't able to come to this graduation because they are all up in Michigan, but they will b there in spirit. I have a lot of my foodie friends showing up to my Dinner and my favorite manager. eekkk I'm getting excited. Any way......

I wanted to decorate my Grad Cap and i had no Idea how to because i had never even thought to do that when i was in high school, seems as if kids have gotten more creative over the years. I did your typical online research, ie. googling and Pinterest but I was not about to go and spend money on art supplies for a cap. I mean I seen jewels, and rhinestones, fabric paints, and even some people went to this website, tassle toppers and bought them. I don't thing so Mine came out perfect. Check it out Below.
My Major being Mass Comm. Media, Internet, Social Media ect.

So First thing I would say is get an Idea that you may want and search the google image galleries.
For example. 
If you like music: your favorite music note, instruments, or a verse. 
Nurse: needles, nurse hate or the nurse symbol
Business: buildings, offices, or cash
Law: your favorite amendment, gavel or briefcase
You get the picture

Things you will need or try to find:
Your cap
Color printer or go to the library or Fedex 
(if you got to fed ex save the image you want to a flash drive or send it to your self in an email and print at the store)
If you have Sparkle Nail polish borrow it or the Dollar Store
Cardboard (cereal box, hard cover of your old note book ect)
Super Glue (best because you don't want it to fall off dollar store has it to) 

1. Once you figure out your design just print it out. Make sure you measure the size or your cap on the piece of cardboard. If you want to put sparkles around the boarder leave a half of an inch around. Mine came out like this because once I found my image I resized. Make sure you edit the dimensions. Usually a cap is about 8.5 X 8.5 so go to the top of your picture tool bar and look for the option to adjust the size or even Google can sort your images by size.  
2. First you want to glue your image to the card board. Make sure your trim it and check out how it would look on top before you actually glue it on top. I simple cut mines out after I glued it to the cardboard. You want to do all your designs and glue on this so that you don't have to mess up our cap if you make a mistake. You can simply cut out another square from the cardboard and start over. 

3. This part is important!! Make sure you put your tassel on the cap BEFORE you glue the top on and make sure you know what the front part is. you don't want your image upside down and you want to be able to switch you tassel from Right to left. 

4. Design, set and Tassel set! Now you need to place the cardboard design on top and make sure it is centered. Use the nail polish to mark the spot as to where the center is. I brushed some nail polish on the center button and then when you look at the bottom you can see where to put the super glue. Where ever you see the nail polish. This will be a little raised because you don't want the tassel to be on top, you want it to be underneath. Check the pictures above pictures and notice the space I secured the edges with 3 tiny pieces of cardboard.

5. Just having it glued in the center is not enough. so I took tiny pieces of the cardboard and glued it underneath as you can see above. I used tweezers to place it underneath after placing super glue on the edged. I glued this on all 3 corners. now it was secure. the finally step. I just brush nail polish over the edges because who needs glitter that will be messy and get all over the place.  It's clean and nice. easy and quick.  

Final Theme: Social Media Like a Boss!! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Straight out the D: Feedback from Classmates


I am posting feedback about My in-class pitch for a TV show called straight out the D! The real stories about people that live and work in Detroit. I got 111 views so I want to thank those that checked it out.

This is some of the comments I got from my peers; This is based on how I presented it in class and how i explained it to them.

*Great idea. I can picture the show going far because there are a lot rumors saying, people of Detroit are fleeing their homes and starting their lives over elsewhere. I support the concept and it is very informing.
* I like how your goal with this show is to rebuild a city with the stories of the people that continue to live there. Awesome concept.
* Great video on the reality of the streets of Detroit.
Educate people against the stereotypes of Detroit
·       The concept will bring national attention to a social problem that needs to be solved. But I don’t think it will be a long running series. Maybe a short documentary.
·       The first interview you discussed for the first episode with the old woman sounds very interesting to show the background of Detroit. People who aren’t from the area would find this show very interesting, like me, and your passion for the city shows.
*Your pitch is very interesting. I love the fact that you want to educate people about the cultural and fun aspect about Detroit.
*A nice vision with a variety of possible stories. Try not to rely too much on videos as a crutch. I would definitely watch this. During advanced seasons, you should touch on the disastrous impact of failed government economic policies. Netflix
* She seemed very Enthusiastic about being from Detroit and was ready to promote that Detroit is not just a Murder Capital. Should put a lot of more Visual aid to help keep up in the slide slow
·       Awesome videos! The speaker did a good job explaining how she wants to create a segment based off of Detroit.
·       Great concepts and variety of characters. This story is interesting and many people including myself would be very fascinated to know the history, background and reasons of why people left.
·       Well informative and great info. It was short sweet and to the point. Great examples.
·       Great Job sounds like an interesting project. Never knew this much about Detroit. Would love to invest and watch.
·       Great way to bring attention to the saga that is Detroit.  Good historical value.  Host is extremely passionate about subject matter: the passion shows. Presentation well thought out, she addressed everything key point of pitch.

Source:google image search "Detroit symbols"

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Straight Out the D!! TV pitch for Broadcast Class

 Ok Guy I will post my proposal here and Tell me what you think. Some of the narrative is real some is fake.. That is up to you to figure it out. A lot stories are based on fake people but could be real people I haven't found yet. The Idea of this project was to come up with a TV concept. I used some names of Real people and a fake possible Budget. I am very creative so forgive me if it sound so Real... It could be..... I'll never tell

“Straight Out The D”
True stories from Americas Murder Capital

Let’s face it, life is not perfect, the news, social media, and movies are all there for us to escape from the reality of our own lives. Do you ever feel like your life could be a TV show, do you and your friends and or family seem to always have some major shit happening to them? Well this is the show that you want to watch and be apart of.

Straight Out the D is a TV series based on outrageous stories told by people that live in Detroit. Most people only hear the bad about Detroit, but the essence of a real Detroiter is something you won’t find everywhere. It was once the murder capital, known as the Motor City, but also the home of artist like Eminem, Aaliyah, and Big Sean. Rather you were born here or grew up here, there is a story to be told that is unique to a Detroiter. 

I was born and raised in the city of Detroit. Before moving to New York in 2010, and then Florida in 2012, I felt like there was nothing better in the world than Detroit. Surprisingly enough, nearly every one feels the same way. It doesn’t matter how bad the outside world portrays Detroit, you have to be there to really know the true story.

I was a west side girl, in Detroit, that means you never go to the East side. It was like everyone on the East side of Detroit was the doppelganger of a west sider. Sorry Eastsiders, I got love for ya'll to. Who ever thought that my humble beginnings that started off raking yards for $5.00 and drawing pictures to sell to the old people on my block, would turn in to me selling dope in Southwest Detroit by the time I was 18.
            Anybody can tell you that growing up in Detroit is not a Sunday picnic, unless that picnic involved broad daylight shootings and late nights driving around Belle Isle Park getting numbers. It’s the city where we say pop, not soda, and what up doe is the phrase used by all nationalities. I was one of three girls, raised by a mother that told us every day “we bet not come home with no babies”. I was allowed to date a 27 year old when I was 16, and a 24 year old at 17, my mother knew she had us traumatized by that phrase, so she never worried about her girls being another statistic. What she never knew is that I had four cousins try to touch me before I was 10, grown men trying to get with me at 12, and two more cousins try to have sex with me when I was 14. I refused to become statistic I refused to be the girl that grew up promiscuous, with three kids, three baby daddies, and an ex-stripper, addicted to smoking weed just to ease a hidden pain. The one thing I couldn’t avoid is being exposed to it any way. These are the type of stories I want to capture.
            I have met the girl with the 4 kids before she was 20; I have met the rape victim, the crack head that works at Ford, the upcoming rapper, the slashed stripper and the dope dealer that beat my ass when I tried to break up with him. Stories like these and even more are what people want to hear. I have heard a lot of stories, some are wild and some are unbelievable. This show will be based on those stories. Those stories that can’t be scripted by a creative producer but only can be told by a person that is tired of holding in their secrets.

My first episode with is an interview with Mrs. Jeralean Talley, she is the oldest person in America and she is living in Detroit. Only about one in 5 million people living in the U.S. become a super centenarian, a person who lives to be 110 or older, and she is one. I would start off my first episode highlighting some major events in history that she may have been apart of. She was there when Ford Motor company first created the assembly line, when the first cement block in America was paved at Woodward and Six mile, Vernor's, the first Kmart, Hudson’s and Stroh’s brewery. I can only imagine what it was like to witness the Race Riot of 43’ and the Detroit riots of 67’. Let’s not forget she was probably there when the Jackson 5 were signing at Motown studios, which is a museum today. With all the history that Detroit has, I think a show like this not only informs people but also teaches them a thing or two about American history.

I decided to tell you about the first episode to entertained you. The series will have 15 episodes with the hopes of being able to find good quality people who are willing to tell their stories to the world and hopefully it will paint my city, Detroit, in a better backdrop. The plan is to find people by world of mouth and see where they are now. The homeless people on the streets, world of mouth and of course the countless number of people I already know.

I will end the season with a final episode that goes into the intimate details of my personal life up until I met my fiancé. I feel like ending the season with a personal story helps my audience feel as though they can relate to me and see that yeah, I am the producer of this series but I am no different than you. I went through a lot to get where I am and there are people that are continually in the struggle for survival today. This show Idea can never get old because people will always have more and more stories to tell. A crew of fact checkers, budget spent on paying the participants and for the reenactments will be a major part of our budget. 

The first section of this was my Biography. I am the creator Deprina Godboldo, Detroit native and future radio personality. I am a Social media maven and avid expert blogger on all things food. The love of history is my dirty secret! Enjoy the script and don’t forget to check us out at
Why is Detroit So Important
The point of this show is to showcase Detroit in a brighter light. Showing people the truth and the history will also be combined in the true life stories of the residents that have so much to share. Detroit is over 300 years old and besides being the home of a lot of “First”, it is the American Birthplace of the Motor vehicle. By telling the stories of the Residents of Detroit it will give you an background to all the events that lead to Detroit being the center of all things. It was the place where “Life was worth living” . From the Last 100 years to present day. The Rise and the Fall of Detroit, is Important. When a huge city can go from the top to the bottom of the barrel that is something that needs to be looked into, that is something that needs the attention of all people around the world. The lives of the people who have survived and lived here, including me are a verbal explanation to what went wrong and why the City of Detroit will make a comeback!!  My Budget is as Follows:

This is more of a reality show with small reenactments there for there is no script. Just a creatively put together compilation of stories of residents of Detroit. Its story will encompass a small back ground story and introduction. Each person will be throughly interviewed and paid $500.00

The Plan is to find 12-13 people to interview that have had some Crazy stuff happen to them in their lives. One way to find this information out is to search public records, and old new paper articles that have been printed over the years. This is all free and public information. I plan to use fact checkers to investigate and search for certain individuals. This is something that we may only have to do for the first season to get people interested, after that I am pretty sure through word of mouth all types of people will be willing to tell their story to us especially for $500.

$3,000 each for 3 camera men/women =$9,000
$1,000 Premier adobe purchased with upgrades
$1,000 for gas
$1,000 for promotion at local stories, clubs and Facebook ads
13 people @ $500 each=$15,000
$1000 a month food budget for 10 month project.
$1000 a month for Rent and Utilities prepaid living in Detroit=$10,000
$ 800 a month increase in Car insurance full coverage.
$500 a month for incidentals/extras
We will hire locals for re-enactment scenes each one will be paid $200 a show, we will plan to have at least one reenactment per show and 5-6 people so we’ll budget a $1,200 an episode Max=$14,500
3 Gun permits $500 Just in case for safety
Budget Total is just an Estimate of 100,000 future funds are undetermined due to the nature of this project being the first of its kind and pricing is unknown but we would like to have funds available if or when we discover other things we may need. Sound equipment, editing, licensing and contracts

Possible funding TBA
Local Coney Islands for meet up spots
City grants for movie productions
Retail and business plugs for sit ins at local spots/bars.
Detroit Historical Society
Detroit Institute of Arts
State of Michigan Tax break for production Companies

I plan to Pitch this to Netflix first. There is a lot of local movies that go straight to Netflix. Because of the information in the film it could be advertised as a historical film or documentary television show.  It will have a Twitter and Facebook campaign and also a blog site that will let you got in to deep details and even “ASK a Detroit” chat that will be created with each airing of the episode. This way the hype behind the show will be created through consistent conversation and hash tags.  Billboards in the City of Detroit and other major cities like New York, LA, Miami and Vegas. We will provide internships to up and coming media students in the city of Detroit to help with the marketing of this project. This will help us to show that we are giving back to the city of Detroit. I will also solicit local produces that have already started doing stories on residents and pay them a percentage for helping out and credit for whatever works they help out on. This Project should not be hard since I already have connection in the city with the City Council member President, whom I used to work with at MGM casino, the Vice President of the Local Gaming Union, my mother, and a countless number of photographers, promoters, business owners, clothing designers, chiefs and event coordinators that all went to school with me. NO LIE  
The Key Personal
Deprina L Godboldo-Creator, producer and marketing manager
Photographers/Film Crew
Akeem Casey
Chonita Bynes
Public Records/fact checkers
Assistant Producer Funding and Non-profit CEO
Dale Godboldo- celebrity Previous work on Mickey Mouse club,  Thor, Sum of all Fears. 
 Other behind the scene associates to be announced: This TV show is to be promoted as a reality show that includes reenactments and true stories that have occurred in the last 100 years in Detroit. Possible branching off maybe to other Major cities like Chicago, Orlando, San Diego and D.C. the focus is on Major cities that people only know the stereotypes about.

Funding to date
$3,000 from “Detroit vs. Everybody” LLC,
$2,000 for Go Fund Me Trailer provided by “Be a Blessing Catering, LLC”
$1,000 from Club Promoters “Game 7 Ent.”
$1,000 from “Time to Lend, LLC”

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dear Starbucks!!! (Class project Letter)

March 6

Starbucks Coffee Company
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134-1436

Dear Mr. Schultz,

            My name is Deprina Godboldo, and I am currently a student at Florida State College in Jacksonville Florida. I am completing my bachelor’s degree in Converged Communications and I guess you could say that Starbucks is apart of my everyday life. I could think about all the products I purchase or consume but there isn’t one company where I can stick to just one brand. I have a Vizio TV, a Samsung cellphone and an Apple laptop yet I won’t go to any other place to get my coffee. When I was told to choose one product that I regularly use the first company I could think of was Starbucks. You once said "Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee." For me it means a place to study, explore my neighborhood and creating new friendships.
            I once lived right next to a Starbucks in downtown Detroit, and I never could understand why people where always there and even at night. It was 2006 when I first decided to walk in and check it out. I was confused as a kid in an Office Depot, and over whelmed with the selections. I played it safe, I ordered the Strawberries and crème Frappuccino because you can’t go wrong with that. Then I realized that it wasn’t coffee and I had no idea what I was doing, I wouldn’t step back into a Starbucks until August of 2010 at the Astor place location in New York, New York. This is when my love affair with Starbucks began.
            Here I am nine years later, I’m a Gold member spending every school day in Starbucks and I can order drinks, with coffee, in my sleep. I have tried other places that serve coffee but it is not the same atmosphere or feeling you get when you visit a Starbucks. For me, Starbucks has been the place where I can people watch through the floor to ceiling windows in New York or get on the free Wi-Fi connection until mines was installed. When Starbucks purchased Teavana, a place I was working for in 2013, I would soon discover that it was more than just coffee but also a company that cared about its employees. I had health benefits, stock options, weekly pay, discounts, and a free pound of coffee every week! I was already a customer so; it was an awesome arrangement for me.  Although I no longer work for the company, knowing what values Starbucks has is why I continue to be a loyal customer. I can confidently say I love Starbucks!
            There is someone at Starbucks right now waiting to meet up with friends, enjoying a fresh brewed cup on the couch, or grabbing hot chocolates with extra whip cream for their kids.  

Deprina Godboldo

Deprina L. Godboldo
Future Radio/TV Producer

I am Graduating!! Dear World

Dear World,

     I have finally graduated!! yes, it is only an Associate of Arts Degree but it is mine and it is real. Never mind the fact that I wasted $18,000 going to a trade school as if that was actually going to get me anywhere. I guess those commercials really convince you that getting some piece of paper in 9 to 18 months is such an achievement. I have no regrets though. The school that told me businesses and companies would recognize my certificate as a great achievement, doesn't even exist anymore. How can you accept a certificate that you can't even find currently online.
     In 2010 I decided it was time to go back to school and get this show on the road. When I was 12 years old I said I wanted to be on Fox 2 news in Detroit. Those guys looked like they had sooo much fun. That was after I said I wanted to be a lawyer at 8 years old and a Network administrator at 18. At 28, after going to NYU for computer information systems for one year, I decided that I wanted to go back to my original roots. I wanted to be on the radio, to produce and make up story lines and even do some promotions in-between. I see LaLa Anthony, and think dang, she started young and here career has expanded beyond what any regular radio host could ever imagine. I look at Wendy Williams and see that even at 50 years old she is making her career, which started off on radio, work for her!.. She a Cancer Just like me so maybe I could take over her show one day. These are minority women. I do see that the odds may be against me being a late bloomer, a women, black and not a size 2, but I will do all that I can to be great.
     I will continue my studies at University of South Florida, I hope to land 3 great internships, learn Spanish again, and then go back for my Masters by 35. I woul like to have a future career working in Radio, TV production and even social media marketing. I just need to find the right mentor to guide me in the right light. People have been telling me for years I have a radio voice. I am not afraid of the camera and I have soo many ideas.
     Finishing my degree is more than just an accomplishment. Having this degree makes me the first out of my sister to complete college, the first to live in another state and also the first to have an actual career. I am proud of me-if no one else is.


Deprina L. Godboldo
Future Radio/TV Producer

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Major class projects: Rethreaded NPO and broadcasting

 Ok Hey guys! for those that follow my blog you all know that I love to share with you my class assignments and projects
So fare this semester, I have been assigned two major projects. I can't say that I am worried about it because I already have awesome ideas in my mind as to what I am going to be doing. 

First, my advanced English class has a project due that involves researching a Non-profit organization and volunteering  for 5 hours. I'm excited about this project because I have worked with non-profits in the past and this one is for an amazing cause.

The non-profit is called Rethreaded, and in a nut shell they rethread old clothing and rebrand it in to accessories. The whole process helps women that have been victims of the the sex slave trade. They basically give them jobs and help them to understand business. I think it is very positive and an organization that is needed here in America. No one should have to be slave of any kind ever!. 

According to their website, Rethreaded is a social entrepreneurship that is breaking the cycle of the sex trade by offering viable and creative work to those affected by the sex trade (i.e. human trafficking prostitution, drug addiction, pornography and strip clubs).
Our vision is to unravel the effects of the sex trade by fighting business with business on a global and local level.  The multibillion dollar sex industry is founded on the exploitation of mostly women and children. As a business we want to provide safe, viable, and dignity-giving work to survivors of the sex trade allowing them to be who they were created to be. Go check it out today--->>>
Second, the next project is for my Introduction to Broadcast class. You all know that I am trying to break in to the whole radio, TV, and production industry and working towards my Degree is something I think will give me that boost. Unlike a lot of other personalities that are on the radio already, because they are controversial, were famous in the past or ex-rappers. I'm trying to make it in the industry all on me.. my personality and my character. So for this class we are required to create a tv show, program or radio show. give a complete outline and synopsis of what is will be about. I will use my blog to do all my brain storming because sometimes I have so many thoughts in my head, and not everyone can comprehend them. 
Wish me Luck!! Last Semester I had a Deans list Scholarship so I am working my best to get A's on everything!!   Go check out the site!! 

Have a Great Week!!