Thursday, January 15, 2015

Major class projects: Rethreaded NPO and broadcasting

 Ok Hey guys! for those that follow my blog you all know that I love to share with you my class assignments and projects
So fare this semester, I have been assigned two major projects. I can't say that I am worried about it because I already have awesome ideas in my mind as to what I am going to be doing. 

First, my advanced English class has a project due that involves researching a Non-profit organization and volunteering  for 5 hours. I'm excited about this project because I have worked with non-profits in the past and this one is for an amazing cause.

The non-profit is called Rethreaded, and in a nut shell they rethread old clothing and rebrand it in to accessories. The whole process helps women that have been victims of the the sex slave trade. They basically give them jobs and help them to understand business. I think it is very positive and an organization that is needed here in America. No one should have to be slave of any kind ever!. 

According to their website, Rethreaded is a social entrepreneurship that is breaking the cycle of the sex trade by offering viable and creative work to those affected by the sex trade (i.e. human trafficking prostitution, drug addiction, pornography and strip clubs).
Our vision is to unravel the effects of the sex trade by fighting business with business on a global and local level.  The multibillion dollar sex industry is founded on the exploitation of mostly women and children. As a business we want to provide safe, viable, and dignity-giving work to survivors of the sex trade allowing them to be who they were created to be. Go check it out today--->>>
Second, the next project is for my Introduction to Broadcast class. You all know that I am trying to break in to the whole radio, TV, and production industry and working towards my Degree is something I think will give me that boost. Unlike a lot of other personalities that are on the radio already, because they are controversial, were famous in the past or ex-rappers. I'm trying to make it in the industry all on me.. my personality and my character. So for this class we are required to create a tv show, program or radio show. give a complete outline and synopsis of what is will be about. I will use my blog to do all my brain storming because sometimes I have so many thoughts in my head, and not everyone can comprehend them. 
Wish me Luck!! Last Semester I had a Deans list Scholarship so I am working my best to get A's on everything!!   Go check out the site!! 

Have a Great Week!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Schools Back and 2014 leaves the building!!! I Graduated!!

School is finally back in and I completed my first step to being what I was always supposed to be. I got on the Deans List the semester before which granted me a scholarship. yay. Now all I have is 2 more short years and I plan to take it all the way. My classes this Semester are challenging but easy stuff. I will not let Procrastination get me.

Holidays were nice celebrated with a small group of friends closest thing you can get to family when you live in another state. Had a rough 2014 but i made it and We survived it!! Happy 2015. Yeah 2 weeks later.

 Started the school year off with some awesome friend and amazing food! now i'm ready to get All A's and shine.

Monday, December 22, 2014

RE:POST CHERRY EXPLOSION Ice Box Cake 3 Ingredients

Hey Guys!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I am thankful for this blog and being able to share my love of food for all my followers. I didn’t cook this year. Crazy right? I live in Florida and I have no family here and most of my friends went back home. I thought I would be nice to make reservation at a restaurant. SUPER FAIL I don’t know about you guys but I can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without Macaroni and cheese. Every restaurant that claimed to be serving dinner with all the trimmings didn’t include one of my favorite items.  I was appalled, so I cancelled my reservations and ended up at a neighbors house. Let’s just say, I am thankful that someone was nice enough to invite us over and share their food and family with us.
The best part of today was when I discovered Buttermilk pie. I had never heard of it until today and I immediately had  first check my Pinterest board then I had to call my mother. She had never heard of it and apparently it’s a popular southern dish, so of course being from Detroit, I had never seen, taste or heard of it before. That will be a future recipe. We got the talking about desserts, because that was the best part of the dinner, and I started to talk about icebox cakes.
Icebox cakes are the easiest recipes that you can make. Not only are they good but they can make you look like you know what your doing when it comes to making desserts. I usually make the strawberry Icebox cake or the “Christmas Log“, you guys may know it at the Chocolate icebox cake.
Today I decided to completely cut some corners and make this icebox cake, I shall call it “Cherry-Blue explosion”.
Cherry-Blue explosion
2 cans of Duncan Hines Comstock pie filing (1 cherry & 1 Blueberry)
1 box of Nabisco Honey maid graham crackers
2-3 tubs of Cool Whip Light (regular or sugar-free)
1.You can use a glass pan as I did or you can just purchase a foil pan. First put a little bit of cool whip on the bottom of the pan just to help the graham crackers stick. You can place then neatly side by side and fill in the edges with broken off pieces.
2. place cool whip on top and spread it across to cover up all the crackers. Then take your first can of pie filling and layer it on top. Graham cracker, cool whip and filling. Repeat this order until you get close to the top.
2014-11-27 13.29.51 Cool whip covering graham crackers
2014-11-27 13.31.10I used Blueberry first, covering the whip
2014-11-27 13.34.04Then place another layer of Crackers, then whip. You can see in the final picture I topped it with the cherry filling and crumbled up some of the crack on top. You want to place this in the refrigerator for about 6 to 8 hours. The best way to check if its ready or not is to see if you can place a fork through the side. if you can feel the hardness of the crackers then it hasn’t set yet and is not ready.
2014-11-27 13.48.30
Then your done!
The best part about this recipe is your can switch around the ingredients, even use Oreo’s instead of graham cracker, and or even chocolate graham crackers. It so many different ways to modify this recipe. If you prefer you can even use fresh cherries and blu berries. Enjoy guys! There is more food and treats to come so tell your friends Follow me, SHARE, POST, FOLLOW, COMMENT
327060_10100133135193058_1984647806_oMom’s Christmas log made with Oreo’s scrapped off their icing

Im a Foodie at Heart!!! Check this out my Food blog  RE:BLOG

Hey guys, its been a short minute since I have made a post but I’m back. School is out for the next 3 weeks and I made it through safe. I got a 3.23 and got my associates degree, YA!  So i went to a couple foodie events, my sister was in town for her birthday and of course its Christmas time.
I call it Flavor God Cheesy Bread, because I know it would not taste as good as it did with any ol seasoning in the cabinet. I thought I would take some time out to post a quick recipe with my new seasonings. I found these on Instagram. I have seen so many reviews and so many delicious pictures posted on his page that I was just too curious not to try them. I purchased a combo pack for 24.99 and it was well worth it. This seasoning literally makes everything taste better. I put it on my poached eggs, my meatballs, my macaroni and cheese, and even my spaghetti.
This cheese bread is what you need to make. I created it with the Garlic lovers seasoning and it was a party in my mouth.
Screenshot 2014-12-18 21.22.01
Italian French Bread loaf (got mine for 1$ at Walmart)
Butter (softened)
Vermont white cheddar, and another cheese you like
pesto sauce
There are easy steps for this cheesy bread. Rub the butter on first, after cutting loaf open, then Flavor God seasoning. Make sure you spread it from end to end. The spread about 3 table spoons of the pesto sauce over the bread, followed b Vermont cheddar and you second cheese of choice. I placed it in the oven for 10 minutes. This will make sure everything melts and your edges of the bread is nice and crisp. No dipping sauce needed. You are all done!

This is a quick and cheap recipe for those who have a taste for something cheesy

Monday, November 17, 2014

In her Thoughts Shorty story for Creative writing class

In her thoughts

            It’s happening again! I’m standing in the lunch line at school and the girls from my class are talking about all the fun stuff they did this weekend. Then, there I am, having a full conversation with them but no one is replying. I’m laughing and telling them how I played flag football for the first time and actually made a touch down.
What ever that is.
I told them how my mom took me shopping and bought me the new Galaxy phone.
It’s red with a glitter case similar to Tasha’s.
We all have the same kind of phones now! Twinsies. My family and I went to the Grand opening of Red Dragon Pizzeria and my mom ordered one of each appetizer. My moms’ a food blogger so we get free invites to grand openings around town. I ran into Ashley there, kind of, I think she saw me. Yeah she saw me I think. I’m just going on about my weekend.
Why isn’t Tasha saying anything about me having the same phone as her?
Why is Ashley not excited that we both were at the Grand opening at the same time?  Coincidence right?
We all are totally besties but I can’t understand why I never get any replies. I laugh at their jokes. I nod and say the repetitive “Uh huuh” , “oohh man”  and “girl that is crazzzy”.  It would be so weird to not say anything when they are talking, but why do they do it to me? Oh Yeah It because I never talk. I stick to the old smile and nod method. Outside of school I’m just a chatterbox, I always talk to my neighbors and I’m the local baby sister. Yet I can’t even talk to my friends at school.
            I am always thinking about the day I will actually have a conversation with Tasha and Ashley. The jokes I have up my sleeve would crack them up in to pieces. They would love my personality and me. My mom says that being myself will bring me all the friends I can handle. I don’t think that is working.  I am always having fun and going places on the weekends. I know they would love to come. I always think to myself. “ On Tuesday I’ll ask them, what are they doing this weekend” and then when Tuesday comes, silence it is.
My conversational replies are consistent.
My nods are convincing.
Words are not my friends when I am around Ash and Tash. Yeah those are the nicknames I call them in my head.
I never speak and I never talk. I have a sickness and it’s called “Shyness” Thank goodness I am pretty is all I can think because people tend to let me hang around them even if I don’t speak.  That’s probably why they call me. “Mya Shy-Ya” I thought it was cute at first but the story behind it is Ugly.
I pray every day for a cure.
I wish on all stars, not just shooting stars.
I have wasted plenty of money on wishing wells.
I even have a lucky rabbit’s foot that I know with work one day, if not  I have a bone to pick with a bunny!

Today Is Monday, and the next day will be another day I plan to talk to Ashley and Tasha. I don’t know why I pick Tuesdays. I guess I look at it as my lucky day. Went to school today and the same thing happened like every Monday. Conversations about  what everyone did over the weekend and the homework we had. You know all the Juicy stuff that high school kids can possible thinks of that are just AMAZING to them.
Tonight, I got on the side of my bed I prayed to God,
I wished on all the stars, and I grab that bunny’s foot. I just knew it was going to work this time. Tonight, One of those stars shot across the sky.
Like a rocket, this star shot across the sky and sparkles fell like glitter from an art project. All I could think was, did anyone else see this? Was this just for me? I’m here on the side of my bed, on my knees, rabbit foot in my hand while both of my hands are clasped together in a praying position.
Was this a sign? Were my prayers being answered and this was God’s way of telling me “Mya I got you this time”
All the conversation I had in my mind for months we going to be in the past I Just knew it I felt it!!! I got in to bed with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.
 The next day I wore one of my new outfits to school. You have to look good to feel good right? I wore the new mini diamond earrings my mom bout me and styled my hair in a high bun with a side swoop bang. I always like that style. I just knew today was going to be the day I engaged in full on conversations with everyone around me and people would be so amazed that I started talking and just want to know all about my life and all the things I did over the past weekends. I just knew today the disease was gone. I just knew that lucky rabbit’s foot was worth the pain he endured for my luck. I knew that this Tuesday would be the day to change the rest of my life.
As I entered the hallways of Woodward High, I feel like a weight was lifted off of me. I was waving at people, smiling and passing out high fives. I saw Ashley and Tasha waiting by the lockers. It was like I was meeting them for the first time.  “Hey girls” I said in my sassy girl voice. They both looked at me like I was a stranger.  ‘Hey” they both said in unison, looking at me like they had seen a ghost.  We stood in the hall talking for hours. It never occurred to me why we never mad it to class. All I know is I was standing there talking to my girls and catching up. It was like I had so much to tell them.  This time they were the ones nodding, they were the ones saying “uh umm” and “ohh man , for real” . I told them about the time I went to Disney World over spring break and saw Tasha there but was too shy to speak up.  All the grand Opening me and my mom had went to but  I never  asked them to go with us because I was too shy to speak.  I was just talking their ears off.
As I’m talking here comes my inside conversations again. I am thinking to myself. Am I talking to much. Why are they giving me that weird look? Do they really care about what I am saying? Am I the only 15 year old girl that goes through this or is this something that is special to me? Did that shooting star from last night change my personality? Did it make me better? Is this who I wanted to be? I wonder if there is a happy medium between being conversational and taking to much?
When I finally shut Up.
Mya!!! Who the hell are you talking too? Ashley yelled at me. “Yeah are you crazy or something? Tasha said.  “What do you mean? I thought you guys hated the shy me?  I said with a shaky voice but still a little excited. I gave a little fake laugh. “haa haa, umm why are you guys yelling at me”, I said.  The school bell went off, then those sparkles from the shooting star fell right in front of me. Just out of know where, shiny star particles all over the floor. I quickly looked down, and then when I put my head back up all I could see was the ceiling to my bedroom. My alarm is going off, it’s Tuesday and it’s 10:05am, I am late for work.  Work!! My phone is going off and I have 6 missed calls from my Employees ate the Woodward Café.  I don’t know what Just happen but That dream was too real to be true. I sat and I though about all the stuff that happened the day before. What in the world made me have that dream and what made me revert back to being 15. I figured it out. This is what happens when You work at the local café and you tend to be noisy in others conversations. I remember seeing a small pack of girl come into my café on Monday, and I wondered how it felt to the shy girl at the table. I guess I drifted into a whole scenario about how I would feel if I was that shy girl hanging around all her friends. The moral of the story don’t day dream, you’re an adult go to work.

The End.

Deprina Godboldo