Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just wait For it

From 90 to 70 the temperature drops and the lights are lost.

Sound no longer bounces but echoes when there isn’t anyone around but you.

A cool breeze crawls across your back like a spider.

The tables become slippery as a slug and the moisture has left the air

The moon quickly replaces the sun, and clouds are no longer white but grey like smoke from a factory.

Bugs, debris and leaves have replaced the people, and they’ll disappear by the morning.

The trees are tall but not over powering the buildings around them.

They blend in with the malls’ d├ęcor like the organ in a cathedral.

More cars disappear, more people disappear and it’s only you sitting there.

The wind is still now, the parking lots are clear now and everyone has gone home now.

Seclusion is to be in sheltered or in a private place. Does it sound like I’m alone?

Wait, complete silence happened at 12:32am at the mall, It can happen

Just wait for it!!

This is my First poem to be posted in my Creative writing class.

Thursday, August 28, 2014



Playing the field day in day out, running game with a smile is what you’re about. 
You know she wants you, at least that’s what you thought. It’s those shoes, that watch, and that car you bought.
Guys know better than to mistake you for a lame, because it only takes you two seconds to grab and aim. 
Feeling as good as you look every day, “That’s my man”, is what girls wish they could say.
Looks like you got all the answers and the best advice.
Yeah, we all know you can act like you’re nice. 
Just let me end this while you stay the same, because most of these details are your claim to fame.

I wrote the above poem when I was 19 or 2o years old Living in Detroit, dating a dope dealer and working at the Detroit historical museum.

It's Crazy how I went from dating boys with AK's to Men with 401k's, Guys who the cops like to give the third degree to a gentleman with a master's Degree. Fuck the guy that bought me cars and promised me a ring, I got the bling and ended up with a real King. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Crank the Model

do I look better from this view?

umm so this is WIFI..

ggrrrr I see you  looking 

my face fits perfectly !!

Yaas Im a creepier

Long day stretch!! 

Crank-Star the Album cover 

Kiss me woman!!

Oh you again

Saturday cooling 

home from work already.??

Morning conversations

Yes, She loves me.. For me. 

do we have to ..??

Our afternoon chill out spot 
I just got off Cat work.. let me rest! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Going over and Beyond!! Taste Food Studio in Jacksonville Florida

This is my review for Taste food Studio in Jacksonville, Florida. I had been to this establishment once for their wine down Wednesday, which was unlimited wine, flat breads, fruit and spinach artichoke dip. I never got to Review it because the next week I wanted to check out there Taco Tuesday. I am always on the hunt for a spot with a special. This is how businesses make money during the week when it usually may be slow. The review above is from my first Taco Tuesday. It was horrible. I mean we smashed through 10-11 tacos trying to get full. They were not good and lacked any care in the Kitchen. I always review most places I go to around Jacksonville. I feel like I am not on anyones good or bad side so my reviews just tell you exactly how I feel or how the food was. Little did I know I would get an inbox on Yelp from one of the owners of Taste food studio. This is a new Feature on Yelp that allows owners to message you when you make reviews. This is a way to make the owners show either there appreciation or maybe even curse you out. That didn't happen. One of the Owners Chris D. sent me a reply stating that he was sorry I had an bad experience and the next time I visited Taste Food studio he would take care of my entree' and a guest. I was amazed. I am not some famous food critic, Im not on TV and barely know that many people in a city I have only lived in for 2 years.
     Today I took him up on his offer. Today I went to taste food studio for taco Tuesday and was blown away. Chris D. Promised me that their food was good and he was not lying. I arrived by 7:30pm we ordered and our Tacos were out in 12 minutes. Yes we timed it specially for this post. This is what it looked like.

Our tacos were amazing they looked as if someone took the time out their day and poured a lot of love into these tacos. I know this wasn't just because he knew we were coming, because when I looked over at another couples table I seen their food looking just as Good. This is a picture of the shrimp taco, chicken with mango and goat cheese and the special Mahogany chicken taco. This sitting we could barely finish 6. Last time the tacos were so wimpy on neglected we ate 10-11 and I didn't even touch two of them. This time we only ordered water with our meal and it was made with crushed ice even better and the firecracker Jumbo shrimp that will make you roll your eyes because it was so fresh out the grease and oh so delicious. I can truly say I have never experienced someone taking ownership for their business like this man did. I ordered the same tacos as before and instantly we could see a huge difference. I can only suggest that every body has a bad day and maybe my first time to taco Tuesday was their's but this time they made up for it in  big way. I will be back with my friends and more people in the future. Check out the pictures below to see the difference
These are the old pictures from over a month ago when we went then tonight we went and the same tacos looked like this>>>>

Im still full an it's 11:36pm
In my Opinion every body deserves a second try and this place has shut me up!! The service was good the food was above average!!
 "First insert of The Godboldo File" I Love Food

What do you do when you have Only worked in your Career field Your whole Life??

In this day and age everyone is telling you to go to college get a degree. Once you get that degree they tell you that your going to need a Masters Degree. Get all these degree just so you can be unemployed and work a regular job that doesn't require a degree.
How is this fair?  How can you get unemployment but you can't get food stamps? Why does the state of Florida only give the unemployed 4 months of benefits?

I am always curious as to who makes all these rules and decisions. The last few months have been a huge struggle for me. I have to much pride to ask for help but can't help but to keep asking why?

Let's get something out the way. I am thankful for everything I have and all the blessings the good lord gave me. There are people who live on the streets, have no jobs, have nothing so I can look at my problems and say they aren't the worst.

Have you ever had that moment in your life where you feel like you just can't get a break?
I guess that is the phase that I am going through now. I was blessed with a new job but now they want to cut my hours, right when my fiances' unemployment is ending. Since we live in the state of Florida there are no extensions and we can't get any help. If I had children I would have things thrown at me left and right. Why is there not a system or organization that is built for people who don't have kids,  who have degree and just need help for a short term. Maybe there is a program out there and I just don't know about it.

By the end of the month I will have to cut off my cable and Wifi-If my fiance with a Masters Degree doesn't find a job

By the end of the month I may not have a cell phone-by the end of the month I still will not have been grocery shopping in a month.

the struggle is real that is all. The say I give birth to my first child will be the day I begin teaching them to always focus on being multitalented. I could blog all day on half the stuff I do and Make money off of people just clicking the ads. I could make youtube videos, I can even teach a class on the importance of social media and teach old people how to use a computer. I guess there is a lot more I could be doing but I just hate that at 30 years old I am walking back wards.

My Pledge: I will blog more often I will youtube more often.

The end
Happy 30th!! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Radio Show

I really want to be on the radio. I think that is a job that I would be best at. I would sit and talk your ear off for hours. To me it seems as though if you don't have some special hook up in the industry then you will end up just working in some human resources office with a communications degree.
that is not me.
That is what I want to avoid by all means necessary.

I Figure I need to step outside of the box and make my own moves.
I am thinking about making a mock radio program where we talk about the lyrics in particular songs, we take questions from people through text, video or twitter. I need a host though. some one well seasoned around my age.

I only have been in Jacksonville to almost 2 years and I am yet to find that Bestie.
A girl , any race that has been through it all and that is not afraid to keep it real no matter what.

Possible topics for this Mock show will be :
Popular topics
All this online businesses
Jobs hiring in the area
Friends in awkward situations.
Weekly guest and host
College help or tutoring
Monday Motivation
Tuesday 2 adays
Wednesday Update
Thursday Thirsty
Friday is My day ..

 want to start this idea or project. even the best things started off as nothing

Friday, January 31, 2014

To My Best friend on Her 30th Birthday

I had to make up a speech for class.. this is it.. when I sent it to her she nearly cried what do you think??

Deprina Godboldo    
Intro to Public Speaking

To my best friend on her Birthday

            I would like to give a toast to my Best friend Lauren on her 30th Birthday! We have had 12 great years of Friendship, and I only wish for many more to come. From our humble beginnings, working at Sears Dept store, where we first met. I was this shy girl who couldn’t understand why this big-eyed girl kept talking to me even though I would just smile and nod.  You eventually broke my shy streak and the conversations never ended from then on.   
            It was 2002 and we both were fresh out of High School, and hired on as seasonal employees with Sears. This was the first time we had ever worked 100 hours in a single pay period. It was like going to hang out with your friend at the mall everyday, except for the random strangers that wanted to get rung up at the register or needed help in the fitting room.  
            You taught me how to do my first sew-in, explaining to me “ honey, we won’t be using hair glue any more”
            You took me to my first club, explaining to me “ We don’t wear flip flops or gym shoes to the club”
            These are rules that I still follow to this day!  
By 21 we were like sisters’, I would introduce you to my friends and vice versa.
Your sisters, was my sister. My sisters, was your sister.  
            You were always the “girly ” girl, and I was the “I got your back” girl.
This is exactly what made us a perfect pair.
            All the break ups, never included tears, they included wine, when you have a friend like Lauren.
All the arguments, never included a fistfight, they included lunch at Olive Garden with the issue never brought up again, when you have a Friend like Lauren.

 We didn’t “Turn Up” like they say now days, we called it “ Go Hard or Go Home”

By 25, it was all about big birthday parties and taking trips out of town. Remember Miami? Remember Vegas? Oh we will never forget Chicago.

 When I moved to New York, you took it the worst.
I left my best friend, for no friends but still we remained close.
            Thank Goodness for modern technology. Text, and video messages, emails and Facebook changed our friendship, like dollars exchanged for quarters.
            Yes, We kept in touch but No more random nights hanging downtown, no more raiding your refrigerator, and sadly no more stealing your accessories. You knew I was going to give them back. Maybe

I inspired you to move to Chicago 2 years later, you were scared but you did it. I’m so proud of you. Until this day we remain close, even with over 1000 miles in our way.

            Here we are back at home, here in Detroit, on this day October 30th the day we first met 12 years ago, and the day you were born 30 years ago. In the city where it all Started. I know we will celebrate our first Weddings, first pregnancies and first retirements Still as Best Friends. Happy Birthday Lauren I Love you “Gal”